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The art style is so cool, and I love how the music affected the game. Good job 👍

Thank you!


Heyhey, I remember playing your previous game during
It was fun, but this is something else entirely.
Thank you for this lovely experience :)

Everytime I pick up the folder my game softlocks and I'm unable to put it down

Hey! Where are you playing from? What device/browser/OS?


An elephant never forgets.

And I'll never forget this song, very very cool! I liked how the story told itself with almost no words.

Thanks for the support and the kind words!


Really enjoying this short interactive ride! Congrats!

Thank you so much for playing!


Damn, this is exceptional! I liked the first track a great deal but this is on a different level entirely. The guitar solo near the end is so smooth, just top notch work all around! Can't wait for the next tracks.

We're very glad you enjoy it! Thank you so much for promoting Off-Score on @kritiqal!